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wow you guys have really nice colors and one designer series this is awesome nice thread here is mine a 1999 just a click under the last century.Hope you all enjoy fully loaded i just got it three months ago 49,800 miles one owner babied.Doing paint correction starting this weekend.These pictures were the day i picked her up.went on a ferry from connecticut to long island the couple drove a half hour to bring her to me.nice people.



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Thank you! I also never see the 98-02's in black, mine was literally the only one I've seen come up for sale in my area in almost 5 years. Maybe somewhere like NY has a bunch of them still; but I assume they all got run to the ground :(


My 2011, Continental Edition, only at 13,743 original miles. Almost like new. No air suspension , 3.55 rear axle, police interceptor engine. I replaced original tires late last year. I went to Blackwalls , less maintenance and far cheaper than whitewalls I could find. I had HID headlights added which make a huge improvement at night. The vanity plates, lol. IMG_7932.jpg


Here’s my 2003 Cartier. Color is Ivory Parchment, according to the window sticker I found with the manual. Bought it a couple of months ago to replace my 2003 Executive after the engine overheated.

This car is actually something of a “beater,” it’s been “road hard and put up wet,” as they say. You can see the dent at the rear wheel well, and there are a couple more on the passenger side, as well as a ding in the top of the trunk. You should have seen how filthy the wheels where – they couldn’t even be washed clean. It had to polish them with some rubbing compound to get them looking good again.

I got this one for a couple reasons. It was cheap (only $3800). And currently we don’t have a garage. You can’t keep a car clean when it’s always getting bird poop’d and showered with leaves and other debris from trees. I figured I’d wait to find a primo TC after we get a house with a garage.

Problem is, the more I drive this thing the more I like it! The Cartier is a huge step up from the Exec – quieter, more nifty options (love that trunk lift), not to mention the rare fog lights. I know they’re useless, but they look really cool.

So now, I’m torn! I may end up just keeping this one and fixing it up. We’ll see how I’m feeling when we get a garage in a few years.

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I’ve noticed an acute shortage of first-gen pictures on this thread! Here are a couple of pictures of our 1985 Town Car base model. We got this one because my wife wanted a TC. I wasn’t keen in the idea because I was a GM guy, but I’d have to say the car was pretty good to us. We got it in 1994 and kept it for something like 13-15 years. We ultimately sold it because it was leaking oil like a sieve.

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Here's my 1998 Town Car Cartier. She's only got 145k on the clock. Had her in the family since 1999, got her with 3,498k miles from the stealership.
I'm the third owner :) and I take very good care of her even when I do abuse her.
Garage kept for 80% of her life. My 260z keeps her company.