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  • vinaygoel2000
    vinaygoel2000 replied to the thread Need help with my 2010 mkt.
    If you are due an oil change, get that done. Mechanic will automatically find what's wrong and give you an estimate of repairs.
  • SGilbert
    SGilbert replied to the thread Need help with my 2010 mkt.
    Have your tires and/or steering gear checked by a pro.
  • G-261916 posted the thread Need help with my 2010 mkt in Lincoln MKT Forum.
    Getting a vibration and scrubbing when I turn wheel all the way both ways
  • vinaygoel2000
    I have been amazed how awesome it does. We had a rental 2018 for a couple of days. We did a day trip and saw 39.5 on a complete mountain...
  • vinaygoel2000
    Bully CR-007XL Universal Extra Large Tow Hitch Cover/Receiver Trailer Plug in Black with LED Brake Light with No Manufacturer Logo or...
  • vinaygoel2000
    I'm loving the $1.99 gas over in Houston Sam's club.
  • G-245620 replied to the thread 4D LED Emblem.
    This is what I got from them on 9/5/2019: " Hi, It will takes about 3-4 weeks more. We're sorry to keep you waiting but we want to...
  • I have the base Revel system. I find it no better than the base system in our Taurus and it pales in comparison to the "shaker" system...
  • dave42 replied to the thread A/C Compressor Replacement.
    I pay the bucks and let a shop do that stuff. Got it replaced several months ago and I do know they used a UAC compressor. So far so...
  • Hi depth. I'm not so sure there is any difference between Reserve and Black label floor mats. If they are different, you would order...
  • Hi HIFIMAN. This news is not too surprising. Good luck with your car shopping.
  • G-714499 replied to the thread 4D LED Emblem.
    what ever happen with emblem it is 7/14/19 the web site still states after Aug. could not find a contact number
  • 04TC replied to the thread New owner... park assist questions.
    My park assist works only for some climates, I did however eventually buy a radio head unit with wireless backup camera for like $200...
  • G-303880 replied to the thread Looking for soft rubber floor mats and cargo liner..
    Went to the Lincoln dealer yesterday, by chance he had front, rear, and cargo mats in stock so we could touch them first. They were...
  • Hi HIFIMAN. The Revel Ultima is a much better system than the base Revel. It has consistently been ranked in the top 3 in premium...