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MSFT Sync 4.4 download file


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Sending to both of you.
Thank You! So far this seems to have worked for my 2010 Lincoln Navigator With Voice Activated Navigation, but at first it did not appear to. It did the first installation complete but never rebooted/restarted (a few others reported this issue a few pages back in this thread). After ten minutes I messed around in the menus. I couldn't get to the Media menu but through advanced settings in the phone menu I tried installing the update again and the same thing happened. After waiting another ten minutes I messed around and ended up doing a Master Reset. I did the Master Reset because I couldn't access the media menu but I probably could have just shut it off. After re-pairing my phone I was pleasantly surprised to have SIRI back!

There have been a few people that mentioned there is no way to tell what version you have. While that's true, you can figure out what firmware number you are running and figure out the version from there. For my system Phone->Settings->Advanced->System Information was helpful.
  • Auto Version Number
    • You might notice that the "EE2824" actually matches up with a portion of the zip file name for version 4.41 shared by SGilbert Gen1v441buildEE2824updatefromv3263packageRev2​
    • If you take a look at the XML file that is created in the SyncMyRide folder during installation this number is located at Vehicle->ModuleHW->CCPU->OEMVersion. The XML file name starts with SYNC_ and has your vehicles VIN number in it. The others numbers in the file name are the ESN of the radio.​
  • FPN part number
    • This number matches the name of the .SEC file which is located in the SyncMyRide folder. In case your computer is not configured to display file extensions, The SEC file is the largest file (by far) in the install package.
    • It seems like newer zip files are named using this number. At least version 4.6 downloaded from the Lincoln website was.
    • If you take a look at the XML file that is created during installation this number is located at Vehicle->ModuleHW->CCPU->ImageFPN

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SGilbert, could I please get the files for v. 4.6 as well? jillmariebailey at gmail dot com.
I have a 2011 Lincoln MKT with voice-activated navigation. I downloaded DR3T-14D544-AG from lincoln, but it says file not found after asking to install. Followed their directions exactly.