MSFT Sync 4.4 download file


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2016 Sync 3 requires a firmware update AND a new USB port install for CarPlay to work.

As for a 2010, an aftermarket head unit would be easier to install than in 2013+, which requires the touchscreen integration for climate controls and heated/cooled seats. I'm a little jealous of owners of pre-2013 models for that reason, and the fact the physical buttons are more reliable than the touch panel FCIM, which are prone to fail, as mine did.

Hi RG. Thanks for the SYNC information. I was not aware SYNC 3 was available in the 2016 MKT.
SYNC 3 was not available in the MKZ (my vehicle) until 2017 and had physical knobs/buttons and Apple CarPlay (wired) from day 1. Mine is a 2018.

And I completely agree with you concerning MyLincolnTouch touch/slider controls versus later SYNC 3 with physical buttons. While I did not own a Lincoln equipped with MyLincolnTouch, I did test drive quite a few, and did not care for the touch/slider controls at all. I certainly prefer the physical knobs/buttons in my 2018 MKZ.

Good luck.
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All I'll need is your eMail address.
I've got a 2014 F-150 (basic sync no color display) with Gen1 v4.6 and want to roll back to v4.4 (or any version that allows you to use talk to text while connected to bluetooth). Do you have these zip files and would you mind sending to me please? I've been unable to use Siri or talk to text for the last several years and I'm about to lose my mind. Email is