Water Leak on Floor - 2006 Town Car


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1998 Signature. 30,000 miles. My problem is similar, but with a twist. I hope someone can help. All of a sudden I heard what I thought was gas sloshing around in my gas tank tank. Never heard it before, and thought it very odd. Well, after a bit of investigation. I realized my right rear door was filled with water, and that is what I was hearing. I pulled off the door panel and stuffed towels into it, and I got all the water out. Front floor board bone dry. Rear floor board bone dry. Could this be just a variation of the same leak? Has anyone had this problem? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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There are drains at the bottom of each door which can get clogged. Find these drain slots on the underside of door toward the outside, often they are protected by a plastic piece. Water drains out of the slots on the outside of the door seal.

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There is another avenue of water ingress in my 2006 TC. It turns out that the B-pillar has a plastic trim piece on the outside of it at about the height of the windows in the doors. It is clearly seen when the doors are open on a side. If it is not sealed down properly, it will leak water in thru the holes it uses to mount to the pillar. Pulling it off and using sealant in those holes solved my problem.


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Really Towncars1, a junior member asked for help and you replied in that manner! I just joined and if this is what this forum is about I can resign quickly!!!


Well here is another one! Today 5-2-15. Was getting some stuff out of back seat in my 2007 (late build 7/2007) Signature Limited TC. Found the passenger side rear floorboard carpet soaked with water. Was the only area I found wet?, Front floorboards, & under dash, & both sides front was DRY AS A BONE? HOW in He**&? can the rear R/R be wet and not the front passenger floorboard? IF this is from rainwater. Has NOT RAINED in ~ 11 days here. And car has been parked for about a week. I will perform the Fresh Air Intake Re-seal Repair as depicted in UT video. Is silicone best sealant to use?

I Have seen some other threads & posts, saying the water issue can also be coming from HVAC drain, if drain is plugged up, under evaporator coil. But wouldn't that get the front floorboards wet too? By the way where do you find the evap drain?, I searched & searched ? best I could reach under the evap cover, can't locate the drain? Any and all help is much appreciated. Thanks Paul..
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