Town Car air suspension problems? Read this thread!

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Thanks for this information. Nice to have and file away for future should I need to re-visit the air suspension.

I was having a difficult time after having replaced both bags. I still had the vehicle bags loosing air and thought that it might be the o-rings allowing the bags to leak down. Replaced the o-rings in both solenoids but that did not stop the leak down of the bags. Frustrated with the situation, I purchased a set of springs with the intent to remove the air suspension system and move to conventional steel spring set up. Had to wait until the springs were delivered and I had time (weekend) to complete the repairs. During that waiting time, I researched this forum, other areas on the internet and spoke with some people familiar with systems like this. During this time, I decided to try one more item, air solenoids. Mainly because I wasn't willing to give up the air suspension ride that easily and didn't want to resign myself to defeat by just installing the steel springs. Heck, I like that the Lincoln Town Car has air ride.

So, I allowed the car to sit for over one week without starting or allowing the compressor to fill the air bags. Bought two air solenoids from Rock Auto and on Saturday morning, began to jack up the car and replace both. But before I replaced them or jacked the car, I measured each side to get a baseline. Noticed that the driver side was all the way down, but the passenger side was about 1.5" higher. Still noticeably lower that what it was suppose to be, but higher slightly than the passenger side.

So, I jacked up the vehicle and found that the drivers side air bag had no air. Removed and then removed the air solenoid from the air line. Installed the new air solenoid into the bag, off the vehicle. And that is key, much easier to install the solenoid to the bag, then reconnect to the electrical and air line! Then re-installed the bag onto the vehicle. I then went to the passenger side, jacked up car and found that the air bag was inflated! So it appears that if one air bag is deflated and the other is inflated, the inflated bag will collapse below the standard ride height of the vehicle because it is shouldering the entire weight of the rear portion of the car.

So after replacing one air solenoid, both airbags and the compressor, air suspension is all good, functioning and finished. Will possibly keep the springs for any future issues with the suspension or may sell them. But for now, glad that I kept on plugging away to locate and repair the air suspension.

Advice. Replace the air solenoids when replacing the bags. Removing the bags, then solenoids and installing the new solenoids on the bags while at the bench is much easier than working with the old ones under the car. No one has given that advice, so that's my $.02 worth.


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I replaced all that stuff on my 04 not long after I got it, bags were a little dry rotted, the rest just on principle. That was 3, 4 years ago? The cheap compressor I got crapped out the other week, stuck a new one in there and all is still well. If they aren't dead by then I'll likely replace the bags this winter or in the spring maybe just on age. I figure five years is about enough for aftermarket bags. Costs more than springs for sure, but you don't get anything for free.


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I'm on my 3rd set of bags and still using the original solenoids with no issues
Finally going to Suncore HD coil spring conversion after 20 years of Original Lincoln compressor (dead now), original Lincoln bags (leaking bad know), and original Lincoln solenoids and line, with only remanufactured and junkyard motorcraft replacements available and Chinese made garbage @$500 vs $58 for the spring conversion, it was a no brainer for me.