lincoln continental

The 2019 Lincoln Continental will reportedly start at $47,140 – which is an increase of $985 over the 2018. The base model is getting some important driving assistance features, such as automated emergency braking – useful when a collision is imminent and you haven’t touched your brakes yet, blind-spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control – which is very handy on long trips, and lane keep assist – which is a great second pair of eyes in the event you get distracted by another driver browsing Facebook instead of keeping his or her eyes on the road.

The Continental Select’s price rises by $1,830. the new MSRP will be $56,830. It doesn’t appear anything is added other than the aforementioned safety features above. The Continental Reserve is said to get at least a $4,925 price bump to $60,705 –  but receives the technology package – which includes HUD (head up display), the climate package and parking assistance. The climate package includes heated rear seats, a heated steering wheel and windshield wiper de-icer. The Continental Select also gets a 13 speaker Revel sound system.

A $4,630 price jump for the Continental Black Label is expected as well – which includes the technology package and thirty-way adjustable seats – normally a $1,500 option.

The Continental hasn’t been the greatest seller and is expected to cease production by 2020. I’m not quite sure if raising the price is going to help sales – but surely a bunch of people much smarter than I sat at a long table and made this decision. Time will tell if it was the right one…

2019 Gets a Technology and Price Bump
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