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Wipers not functioning properly


New member
Hi,,, i have a 76 pucci,, mk 4. wipers when turned on, only go up about 3 inches and then the motor just continues to push them up and back that 3 inch spread. the motor looks like its brand new,, so i took off the motor, hooked it up again and the motor spins the arm in circular fashion with no problem, but from a newer lincoln you tube video,, when you turn it off, it should set itself back to a parked position,, mine just stops where it is, doest reset,

i took the undid the spindle on the driver side, worked the arms, and they seem free to move if you push an pull them. so i tried to get a good guess of where they stood at the down position on the window, and then tried to line the motor spindle up by turning it on and off till i could retook the tow back in the down position. when i did,, same thing happened, it just doesnt seem to want to push all the way, like its in a bind and just wont push the wipers up,,

i tried cleaning up around the motor spindle, and got that flat rubber piece where it looks like it should moved. the above referenced you tube on a newer linclol showed a similar action,, but different motor.. so I'm at a pinch point,, what do i do next,, the service manual doesnt really give a description of how to reset that thing,,

i would really appreciate and thoughts or processes on how to get this back going,, i know just as a preliminary search, these motors are hard as hell to find, and the CORDONe remans have terrible reviews, if you can find one on multiple sites,,,

so, i guess #1 any ideas how to get this reset
# 2 any where to get a rebuilt or new one,, I'm new to the lincol world and dont know the lincoln ford specific parts sites...

thanks in advance