What are your thoughts on this pretty much blacked out Continental?


The car would be acceptable if and only if it had the needed features to back up the good looks. It should have red calipers and an engine with HP of at least 500 to 650. If it has the look then it needs the back-up. I may consider it then. Maybe Lincoln could use one like this to get younger owners and boost sales!
Upon looking at the car further it has a more aggressive look. Hard to believe all the chrome and shiny adds the look of luxury.
I agree!


I wonder how much it costs to do the blacked out look?
If they build enough of them this way then it shouldn't cost much extra.

It could be expensive though if special "black chrome" process is used, which I doubt in this case.

The "murdered-out" look has been popular for years on the carbon fiber racing bikes, so it's getting old there, but it seems to me that the car companies have reserved the blacked-out look for truly high-performing models.
My '97 Town Car is mostly black and is why I like it, reminds me of a classic dignitary's car, maybe leading a funeral procession, or some military dictator's ride.
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