Warranty issues: finally: oil leak


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After bragging on the fact this car has not had any warranty issues, they surfaced: smelling burning oil, much like leaking cam covers or spilled oil leaking to a hot manifold. Dealer wanted to truck it in; drove it there (they will bring it back). Then the module that controls the closing and opening of the trunk (opens with all - toe wave, FOB, button; but won't close on any - same as opening plus trunk button). And the replacement left wiper blade is chattering after only four months. They get to fix all.

While it is in, told them to replace the pollen filter - been in for two years -- one on the lot, one while I had it -- in Southeast Virginia, there is a lot of Spring pollen.
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Car is not home yet: "The part causing the oil leak is on back order." Since I was walking into the eye surgery for cataract surgery, I didn't ask what part. If they replacement blades don't fix the problem, I will check on the glass. I have always found dish detergent works better on windshields and blades than any other solvent. Didn't work this time: and the blades were renewed in July by the dealer, so Lincoln gets to swap at their expense.

Now if I could get the car back (and see with my right eye . . . ), all would be well.

Loaner is a MkZ turbo four banger: runs well, faster and handles better than the last Bimmer I had. May look into getting one to replace wife's Maxima POS.


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After eight days, got the car back today.

Oil leak was caused by a leaking oil pan: apparently a SSM (47446) recommends replacing the oil pan, resealing with silicon. New load of oil included. Service manager keeps warning me away from full synthetic -- been using Mobil 1 since '76 -- new oil was semi. Worth keeping an eye on it: in the early days of full Synthetics there were many reports of oil leaks.

Trunk operation required replacing control module (pn 14B169*B) and actuator assembly and motor (432A38*A/43238BB). Works now.

They cleaned the windshield and put new blades on (my only cost, even tho the old ones were only a few months old). No chatter -- for now.

Valet delivery didn't work: "they forgot!" Out anyways -- to vote -- so wife and I went and p/u. Eight days!!! "Gots to do better!"

Handling of the MkZ was sports car like . . . nice, even if cramped in comparison.