wanted 96 TC, driver seat belt buckle


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commack ny
needing driver seat belt buckle , I live in long island NY Finding a belt is near impossible, not one yard has the year or anything close and U-pull-it's non existent. I'm trying to avoid Jersey and up state since the tolls are crazy and the time is worst. last year I was parting out my 93 couldn't get a dime for a part. All the black car service have moved up in years. so I wind up junken it. if no one has one maybe someone knows crossover numbers or knows what fits , someone on the net said ford pick up works but i don't know which model year. this has the sensor . NY state fails inspection on safety , so the car ran over the re register date because before re registering you need to pass inspection . hate to junk a car over a seat belt. PS and yes I did Ebay and Amazon and anything else on the net. 3 months worth.