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WANTED: 2011-2012 Lincoln MKZ with less than 35,000 miles.


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Wanted: 2011-2012 Lincoln MKZ with 35,000 miles or less, located around the Detroit MI area.

Must have navigation along with a black interior.

Exterior colors preferred are red, gray, silver, blue or white.

Must be accident free with no repaints. No salvage, water damaged or rebuilt cars wanted.

Must be willing to have car checked by my mechanic.

Cash waiting for the right price.


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South Bend, IN
Good luck with that! Averaging about 5k/year is quite a bit unreasonable, but there might be that 'little ol' lady out there that wants to sell. Doubt she'd be on this forum, though. :)


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They are out there.... We just bought this 11 with 42,000. When I saw the mileage and asking price I had to buy it.
No MKZ but heres a super nice MKT we're considering selling

We've got a 10 with the elite package and the 20" wheel option. White over black/buckskin interior. Has the "Chrome Pillar" add ons so sets it apart from the rest, haven't seen any others with it.
54,000 miles, we've had since 28K second owners. Came from West palm Beach, FL and we have a home there so has never seen cold weather or snow ice etc. Still looks new in and out we're 65 and this has never been to Disney World nor hauled kids. (Nothin wrong with kids as long as they're in someone ELSES Lincoln)
Tried to trade had enough BS from scam Lincoln dealers who say it's too old and offer 9500...that aint happenin
It's a nice one
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