Vent wont change positions HELP!!

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So out of no where, air stopped coming through front vents. Only stay in one position (defroster style. throwing alittle air from top vent and most air from bottom vent).
I was doing alittle research which led to replacing the motor thats responsible for switching the vents (behind glove box and near air cabin filter) After replacement, the vents still wont switch positions. i verified that this motor moves when i press different positions on climate control screen.
So here i am, im out of ideas. What else can i replace that controls vent changing positions?

P.S- Before failure, there was a noise coming from behind center console like a gear grinding noise not loud but audible.
-i also hear the air change when i hit different positions setting on the climate control screen but air dont change. Stay throwing air from top and floor only.

-2013 Lincoon MkS 3.7 (non ecoboost)