Understanding Pre-set buttons

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I can’t find anything in the manual for this: When I use the touch screen for audio presets it doesn’t work, it even goes to another station. These happen to be Sirius stations I am trying to go between. I ended up having to go to search for the station I wanted. Another question: is there a trick to setting up the preset buttons? The button on the steering wheel for the presets don’t go in the way you’d think they go. I try to have news or talk radio together and music together. It seems counterintuitive from any other car I’ve had.


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Had basically the same problem with the touchscreen. Touch the screen and it would randomly go to a station other than what I had selected. Like you, it was Sirius stations. It would probably be the same with AM or FM stations, too. It seems to have corrected itself after I preset the stations I wanted to listen to the most, after resetting them a couple of times. It's as if the vehicle had to learn my preferences.
To set the stations I wanted on the touchscreen in the order in which I wanted them in, I first manually found the station and then touched the screen on the preset icon at the bottom of the screen and held down on it for a few seconds until it set to that station. Repeated this process until I had the stations I wanted.