Under dash panels


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I have a 2007 LTC. I just replaced the LH blend door actuator. I noticed there is no under dash panel on the drivers side. Some call it a hush panel, or lower dash insulator panel. It is the panel directly above the drivers feet. I have one on the passenger side, but none on the drivers side. I went to the salvage yard and looked at 3 cars, (a little picked over), and did not see any on the drivers side there either. My question is this, is there one on the drivers side? If so, I would love to know the part number, or the correct name to find this item. I think 2003-2011 would all be the same.


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Seems to me I recall reading somewhere that, as these cars marched on towards their manufacturing end-of-life in 2011, they were decontented and did not include all the things that made earlier Lincolns a Lincoln. I don't mind not having a panel under there, as I've had to dig in for various reasons and another something to get out of the way is just lost time. Mine are so quiet, anyhow, that having an insulating panel might not matter. Just turn up the radio!!