Traded Wife's 2017 Continental for 2019 MKC


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To answer questions relative to why our Continental was traded, I am adding this bit of background...There was really nothing "wrong" with the Continental (except it did not have cooled seats in our Select model), but it was just too big to maneuver into and out of hospital parking garages. I was in a near fatal traffic accident (rear ended) in another vehicle and spent over a month in the hospital, plus numerous follow-up visits with doctors since last September. The Continental was my wife's car and she finally had to admit it was just too much to handle in the tight confines of the parking garages at the hospital. Getting in and out of those tight spots and having to bypass some spots more suitable to the compact cars was just too much. So, we (she) decided the Continental had to go. We traded it for a new MKC Reserve model in Ruby Red and she finds it to be up to the task and easier to handle at the hospital parking garages and other situations. Of course, she is finding the cooled seats to be a bonus.

Not sure if others here have had a similar experience, so I wanted to suggest you not hesitate shopping the "smaller" Lincoln as an alternative. In fact, the reviews on the Corsair appear to be pretty good as a replacement for the MKC. That's it for now. can run down my intro on the Continental sub-forum.

Be safe out there...
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