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Lots of GO fast parts, Cobra intake, AFPR, more

Hey all,

I have lots of parts to sell, I know someone will want these. I am making this post from work, but I will have plenty of pictures to put up, or send to anyone interested. College owns me, and now it looks like my trusty old Ranger wants to hang up the gloves. Just not feasible to have a toy anymore when I don\'t even have a reliable daily driver.

Cobra intake, original part from 93 Cobra, great shape, looks sexy under the hood, comes with bolts I used. I\'d be glad to give you any hoses I had hooked up as well, just let me know. $300 + ship

Kirban AFPR, worked great, brushed aluminum look. $50 + ship

Trick Flow Twisted Wedge heads, work GREAT, best mod I ever did to my car, comes alive. Don\'t need a thing done to them, just bolt on a go. $800 local pickup preferred

Trick Flow 1.7 stud roller rockers, black in color, sweet. $180 + ship

Trick Flow valve covers, both have holes for breathers - $40 + ship

Summit fully welded radiator, 1 inch core, will cool a small planet, 31 x 19, fits great in a Lincoln - $120, local pickup preferred

Much more can be gotten on some, others pics will be available soon, especially if you are serious.


Lots of GO fast parts, Cobra intake, AFPR, more

Need a Bushmaster M4A3 AR15 for thoes Heads and rockers? :D



Lots of GO fast parts, Cobra intake, AFPR, more

you still have the intake ?