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Town Car Subwoofer & its speaker access

On a 2007 model Town Car here are the steps to access the subwoofer:
- the rear seat backrest must be removed. I have also included the seat cushion removal since it may help in other aspects.
- parcel shelf needs to be removed, and
- subwoofer speaker removed from the shelf panel to allow the
- subwoofer to be removed from the panel.

This procedure will likely apply to 2003 models and above.


The procedure for the 1998 through 2002 models is slightly different. The Subwoofer is called an Amplifier and is accessed behind the rear seat backrest which requires the rear seat cushion to be removed first. Attached are these procedures. I have added the procedure to for the rear parcel shelf removal and installation (R&I), which is not actually required.

There is a stated requirement to remove the neg battery terminal.


The procedure for the 1992 to 1997 models are different to later models. The Subwoofer/Amplifier is located and accessible from the trunk and under the parcel shelf. It only requires the 4th procedure. If access to the speakers is required then the rear bench seat must be removed and the parcel shelf removed which requires the first three procedures.


Thanks Town! I used the procedure for clearing the fresh air intake today, it was so clogged up! My new subwoofer is supposed to be here tomorrow and I will use the above listed help for this also. Thanks again, Ray
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