Town Car Air suspension compressor/drier service


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Ottawa Ontario Canada
A tired air suspension compressor can be replaced, but the problem may be a blocked (or partially so) drier. The compressor should be able to pump air at over 100 psi, if noticeably less then it is tired or blocked (possibly by water saturating the crystals in the drier). The purpose of this thread is to provide information on replacing the compressor or drier or reconditioning the drier to restore air suspension air pressure and performance at least cost.

The attached procedures apply to the 1998 and up Town Cars, but should also work for 1997 and earlier models. Information extracted from the 1998, 1999 and 2007 Town Car models.

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Concord NC
I want to give a shoutout and thanks to town for posting the helpful info on replacing the compressor for the air suspension, it was straight forward. finished it up about and hour ago. Got one from the salvage yard with under 75K miles on it and since i noticed a tab where the connector was missing they gave it to me for 100, instead of the 125 original price, i love to save money when i can an that extra i saved is a great thing. i started the car and all is quiet, ill check tomorrow when i go to get in for work on what it does, has a good warranty on it so can take it back if doesnt work better than the original one.