Tire Dilemma


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I have a 2006 Signature Limited in need of new tires. I purchased the car a little over two years ago and it came equipped with some white stripe Michelin Energys. After searching online, it appears Michelin, nor any other major manufacturer, currently makes white walls in the OEM spec size of 225/60/R17.

Looking online, I have seen some TCs equipped with Vogues, however these are 55 series tires.

Has anyone here fit the 17 inch Vogues to their car? Has it affected ride quality? Any strain on the diff from the lower profile?
Or does anyone know of any manufacturers that currently make white walls in the OEM size?
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Hi Dave. In 2019, I installed a set of 4 new Vogue tires on my 2003 TC Limited. I replaced the 4 original Michelins.
I live in NJ. The Vogue tires have significantly improved the ride quality even with the aspect change.
They are much quieter on the highway at 70mph than the tires I replaced. And the gold stripe looks great on a TC in my opinion.
No issues at all with using the Vogue tires on my 03. Very expensive but worth it in my opinion.


FWIW, your Lincoln Town Car will look fine without WSW tires.

Agreed. Blackwalls here. The whitewalls look better, but the Blackwall are ok. On my 2011 I got the BF Good Rich TA Sport, stock 17 inch size. Totally quiet even at highway speed, just as quiet/good as the michelins. The traction is slightly better the rare days I drive it in the rain, which isn't much. I looked at the whitewall options, all special order and a lot more $$. Now I don't have the tire maintenance of owning white walls, keeping them clean, lol. The ones I had on my 1958 Chevy much more maintenance, had the entire white wall, super wide whites. Looked awesome, but a lot of work to keep them clean.