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Timing/ no compression question


Senior Member
Dallas TX
Good afternoon all,

Just bought an 05 V8 with 117k miles yesterday from an auction. It was advertised as a “bad motor” which kind of intrigued me so I picked it up for $350 bucks. When cranking, it sounds like it has zero compression. So I removed the valve covers to check timing components and the passengers side tensioner is definitely bad but all the chains and other components are still intact. I’ll be doing a compression test on both banks later today, but I know for a fact it has no compression on at least 1 bank(not sure about other bank yet). So my guess is that it skipped time, and yes probably does need valve work at this point. But just for kicks I would like to put it back in time and see what happens. What’s the procedure to set timing for both cams? Not super familiar with these dohc motors so worst case scenario it will be a learning experience ;)