Sync 3 sirius reception

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Jul 27, 2016
My wife and I just bought our third MKS, a 2016 with the SYNC 3 radio. We use the car primarily for long driving trips and so the SYNC system and Sirius is important to us. Unfortunately our new MKS has a reception problem with Sirius. We took the car into the dealer but they couldn't fix the problem or even replicate it. Basically as we drive around town the Sirius signal will drop out on a frequent but irregular basis. Most of the time it just drops out for a second or so, but sometimes for 3 to 5 seconds and the radio will show "searching for satellite". Searching on the internet it looks like this is a known problem with the antenna on SYNC 3 systems, but there is more talk about it over on the Ford side than the Lincoln side. There are a few mentions on the MKC owners forum. It seems to be caused by interference from certain cell phone towers. Now that I know what to look for, there is one near our house on I45 that consistently takes out our Sirius reception ever time we pass it. For the Ford Escape, Ford came out with a new antenna that seems to fix the problem. My understanding is Mustang and F150 owners are still waiting for a fix. As am I...

If you have this problem please reply here so we can get some traction going toward a solution.



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Aug 29, 2022
My Lincoln
2016 MKS
I'm not a fan of bringing zombie threads back to life, but has anyone replaced their antenna to resolve this issue? I just got a 2016 MKS and I have this same issue. Previously owned a 2012 SHO and the satellite radio never cut out like the MKS does.