Speaker Question Revel owners


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I have a 2017 base model (10 speaker setup). On my rear tray, I have a long speaker cover going horizontally (covers most of the tray) and 2 smaller covers behind that. Inside the trunk, I can feel 2 cutout holes (feels like 6x9).

What goes in the back of the 13 speaker and what goes in the 19 for the rear.

I wanted to fill the rear with 2 6x9 subs if possible and also put the 3" mids on each door. What are your thoughts guys?


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Attached are the audio component locations for the Standard, Revel 13 spkr, and Revel 19 spkr systems. I have no idea if your proposed changes will work. The Harman Revel 13 speaker system works great in my car, but I am not into audio systems.



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The way I see it from Town's attachments, the 10 speaker the differences regarding speaker driver points are very minor in the back line with the 19 driver system having only two mid/hi assemblies more in the rear. Other differences being the lack of mid drivers elsewhere and from what I have read elsewhere, the nice system has class AB amplification and lesser systems having lesser quality power amplifiers. AB stands for higher transistor bias (governing the state of conductivity and reducing so called "crossover error in p-p config. amplifiers") current.

In an automobile the overwhelming part of the subjectively perceived sound is diffuse as opposed to closelistening at home where the main perceived sound is direct. This renders in car listening sessions as ones governed by the total spl vs frequency energy recorded and reproduced as opposed to on axis frequency response subjective experience at home at close distance to the speakers.

Looking at the specific configuration of the lincoln, nothing will significantly improve for the driver by the simple addition of more drivers in the rear line.
What could be improved even in the big Revel which I also have is hi frequency drivers of the front line left and right door. - given that what I hear is due to limited power handling and frequency response and is not a bottleneck somewhere else in the system - DSP or amplifier. - this should be proved by measurements both of the signal feed and the tweeter itself.

What is worth doing in the 10 driver system is replacing the amplifiers with true class AB ones and replacing the tweeters with if possibly bigger and fancier ones with neodimium magnets. Also with some customisation, adding a midranges, again fancy quality drivers is advisable. - all that should be performed by an engineer, professional (who doesn't sell you brands and names, but knows what's he doing) or a knowledgeable friend DIY entusiast - ask your friends if someone participates in diyaudio.com...