(solved) help! exhaust cam stuck!

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Nevermind! I got it (after rapping on both end with a hammer and prying it out with a pry-bar :\

Hey guys. I got the LS with the rattle. It turns out it WAS the secondary tensioner on the driver's side. I've got the cam covers both off and I took all 5 cam caps off the exhaust cam and for the life of me I can't lift up the cam! The journals look clean. It wasn't seized. I'm afraid to pry too hard for fear of breaking the head. Any ideas?
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Have you had your oil pressure checked? Also,always use an oil that is 5W-20 or 30, but never 10W -20 or 30.
It was explained to me that you need the thinner oil to get thru small passages and I believe it had to do with the cams oil passages.
I would ONLY use full synthetic myself. I have never had a problem in either my V-6 or V-8 with Pennzoil Platinum 5W-30. Also use a Motorcraft filter. No FRAMS.
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