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So how did you find your Mk VIII? (were you looking or did it "just happen"?)


Since I don't (yet) own a Mk VIII, but am looking, it would be interesting to hear how other folks came across this car.

Were you a previous MK owner who wanted the latest version?

Did you inherit it?

Bought it new and have kept it ever since?

Saw one and wondered WHAT was THAT?

I can tell you how I first got interested...and it would make you laugh.

Had NOTHING to do with Lincolns or Mk series cars....but I think I will wait until I hear other stories first.


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Hi, sorry no one else has replied to your post yet. In late 2003, I purchased a beautiful white 1994 Mark VIII at a local Lincoln dealer's used car section for 5750.00. I was drawn to the car style ever since they were new. I would drool over them at the new Lincoln dealership and thought they looked cooler than the other Lincoln models available new at the time. I fell in love with the awesome curved airplane-like dash, the low slung body, the 300 HP engine, the rear-wheel drive layout and also because it was one of the few remaining two door personal luxury cars still around in the Nineties. I owned the '94 for quite a few years, eventually trading it off a couple of years ago where it sat on a local used car lot for sale for the longest time until it was finally resold to a new owner a few weeks ago!