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Slipping Transmission


New member
Hi folks,

I'm new here. I just got my first Town Car. A 2001 with 157,000 Kms. It sat for a while so I replaced the gas and battery and started her up. No trouble at all. She had a misfire on cylinder #4 (P0304). I replaced the coil pack and it now runs really well. I have, however, noticed what might be a slipping transmission. The thing is, I'm not so sure. You see, both times it has happened, I have had the air turned on full blast. So, the noise of the air is louder than the engine. I think it is slipping though because when I put the foot down, I can feel it revving and the car doesn't take off. I just sit there until the engine revs drop and then slowly apply the gas. It runs fine on the highway. It seems to shift fine while driving (except I can often 'feel' the shifting. I think it should shift a bit smoother.)

Are these cars known for slipping transmissions?

By the way, I checked the transmission fluid. It was halfway on the indicator - nothing added.

The other things I did on day one was replace the gas cap, brake calipers, rotors, brake pads and tires. I might have to get a new stereo and double its value. Any suggestions on a good stereo replacement?


Yes, the clutch packs (especially 2nd gear) can and do wear out, but yours is of low mileage, so perhaps the fluid never got changed on schedule or the car was used hard in the city.
Does it have any evidence of a trailer hitch installation?
Mine sometimes shifts clunkily, but never slips or malfunctions, it's at 133k miles and has had a few trans fluid replacements. I also had a coil go bad recently, but mine was a true coil pack, not a coil-on-plug.

There are external solenoids that can fail on these transmissions, much easier fix than rebuilding!
Be sure to check the trans fluid on level ground, at operating temperature the oil should read higher than the holes and be up in the cross-hatched area of the dipstick.

Could be why the previous owner parted company with it.