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September Trip - MPG

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Because I've had so many issues with my Select 3.7, I did not take my normal trip to my Roswell NM location last May for a month. Now planning a trip to my Penfield NY (Rochester) location in mid September or mid October for a month. (Must be gone by November as the first snow there is always between November 3rd and 11th 👿😱👎🏿😡). Now I'm going to find out what kind of gas mileage this car will really get on the open road. Around town here in Lake County Florida, my gas mileage is TERRIBLE. 15 to 18 at best. OTR milage "should" be around 28 to 30 as that is what I get when I drive to Sanford or Longwood on two Lane road, whenever I've taken car to my servicing dealer for the "issues" I've had.

I originally wanted to take wife's car. 2.0Turbo, (not a Ford/Lincoln) never a problem. Better mpg. Although wife hates my Continental, she does not want to use "her baby" so will use the Continental.

Still have a few weeks before mid September.


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Ottawa Ontario Canada
Are your mpg readings from the car's computer or calculated by you?

For a heavy car like your Continental the 15 to 18 US mpg in town is not too bad and the 28 to 30 us mpg is very good for highway use. The town driving involves a lot of idling and accelerations from lights and stop signs and moving slowly in traffic so it is going to be worse than highway driving and highly variable because conditions change from day to day. Highway trips tend to be much more consistent.

For a 2007 Town Car 18 us mpg is average mpg for all conditions based upon Consumer Reports and other auto publications. Most people report better average mpg of 20 us mpg but 25 to 26 us mpg on a trip is good on average. So your Continental is better than the Town Car which in turn is usually considered very fuel efficient for a large car. A big and heavy car is always going to use more fuel than a small light car, but the difference is in the ride quality, lack of noise and comfort.

Good luck.

Pasadena Lady

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I have a Select V6 and my mileage is still about 17 in town driving and with some combo I get about 22.
Highway driving my husband gets much better than I do. He says I have a lead foot and drive too fast. I should get better but than no more fun!
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