Rodding around the 2006 Navigator

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So I'm headed across town to pick up the older kids from their school. There's frustrating traffic and I'm behind a Tahoe 2010ish body style with a flex fuel badge. The guy driving it is rodding it around, like I would be, only all the gaps in traffic seem to close after he takes them. Based on how he's getting around I know I could take him with my navigator, but I just couldn't get side by side at a light. Then finally he chooses to stay behind a car as its stopping at a light that's just turning to green. I whip into the left lane and match his slowing speed and as the light turns green I floor it looking over at him with a shit eating grin. He looks over at the same time all pissy that I whipped around him and took the open lane. I blew past the car blocking him and merged into the center lane while he was stuck behind the slow car as the lanes ended and became one lane traffic. I just laughed to myself as I went down the open road and watched him disappear, while stuck behind the slow car.