Reserve with no Pano roof


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Thinking of adding a aftermarket sunroof to my Reserve line car. Really regret that I didn't get one with the Pano roof! Has anyone had one installed aftermarket? Only option that didnt come with my car.


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That maybe a very expensive affair (Atleast 3-5K?) and will also never be factory quality.

Cars equipped from the factory with sunroofs have been engineered to accommodate all of the required changes from the original, sunroof-less design. The roof panel, drive mechanism, seals, wiring, insulation, headliner, controls, and so forth are custom designed for that specific application. In the case of some limited production cars, manufacturers may contract with a specialty car builder to design and install sunroofs (and convertible tops) on closed cars, but those are still very custom-designed and professionally built systems, and the resulting cars are sold by the manufacturer through normal dealer channels just like the original versions.
Aftermarket sunroofs do not have a very enviable track record. They’re not designed and built to the specifications of a factory installation. They will have a less-refined look, may have limited functionality, and are more likely to leak or rattle. The car may handle differently due to a loss of structural rigidity (all convertibles and some sunroof cars are reinforced to compensate for the reduced or missing hard roof)

If a sunroof or a moonroof is so important to you, it would be wise to spend the money on trading your car in for another one with the sunroof. That 5K difference between yours and a similarly equipped continental would totally be logical rather than doing it aftermarket.
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