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removing the starter on my 95 towncar.

Seth Matthews

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So the battery isn't draining, autozone tested the battery and alternator and said they're fine, but it won't roll over all the way. when you turn the ignition it tries very slow and sluggish, and the battery wires get very, very hot. (they smoke) I've looked around at the leads, they look ok, but the starter is pretty corroded under there. Ive tried tapping the starter and solenoid but nothing happens. How in the world do you get to the bolts on this thing? I can see the bottom bolt, and feel the other one on the other side of the solenoid but cant even find the 3rd with my fingers. any advice would be greatly appreciated. I hate to send her to a mechanic, but I'm at my witts end with her.


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When I changed my 95's starter I think there was three bolts. The third was way up top IIRC I used flex head ratchet and extention. I did not put that third bolt back on. It is fine 100K later. You might go buy your replacement starter to see where it's located.
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