Relay noise under dash


Electrical needed.

First off, does anyone have a schemtatic or evtm for a 91/92 year. I have a 90 evtm if i need to grab connector/splice numbers for exacts..

I found why the car was always trying to start. (solenoid on firewall failed open) NOW the car still does not start with the key and i found out why

...the plug for the dash and ignition switch going to the body harness wire R/LB has no place to go into the bodyharness. There is also another r/lb but i believe this one is for anti-theft (IIRC) which i do not have but that wire IS going to another R/LB on the body harness side. This wire from the dash has two R/LB\'s going into one. The igntion wire which i need to find where it goes has one R/LB wire with no place to go into on the female body harness side.The plug configuration is slightly different. :wtf:

If its any help its the connector closest to the left of the car off the fuse panel (one of the four connectors attached to the fuse panel)

Also, there is a white/pink wire which i had to disregard putting the new dash in...i believe this wire might have something to do with my lamp out warnings being on at all times..this is on the RH side of steering column down by the T/O for the two green connectors.

I also do not have a third brake light...ideas, related?

I could hotwire a wire right off the spot for the ignition switch but i feel it would be much easier to pop and move the correct wire, that is why i would like to know which wires are for what.

Damn 90- 91/92 dash changes. :banghead:.

Help is appreciated tremendously.

W.V. Kelly

Electrical needed.

Let me study my \'91 EVTM and come back on line after dinner. What connector and circuit numbers are you struggling with?
W. V. Kelly


Electrical needed.

shit thats horrible!! got 90! how many total wires are without female connec. spot!