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Rear Suspension - Air Bag And Shocks - Separate or One?

Brian J. Patterson

Active member
Northern Illinois
Thanks for those instructions. I am now interviewing "local mechanics" not shop mechanics. I plan on buying the parts from RockAuto and having a moonlighting mechanic put them in. Oh lord, I hope I find a good one!
If you can't do the work yourself and aren't able or willing to pay the "going rate" per shop-hour, that's all you can do.

I'm fortunate in that the going rate per shop-hour isn't quite so ruinous for me when you get outside of "Chicagoland." I also can do my own work, though I haven't done so so far.

You will need to have some work done at a shop, such as suspension alignment.

Good luck getting your car all the way back to where you want it.
I have all the parts arriving Thursday - $260 - about half what the shops wanted. And, I have a "recommended" mechanic who is doing the work for $220! So, all up it's about $500 - half of the Pep Boys quote and 1/3 of the garage quote.

I figure the only reason to have a car like this is for that "luxury feel." So, I am probably spending too much money on it - more than is logical - but I love the car and want to have it "my way." I'm pretty darned old, so this is probably my last rodeo. Might as well do it right!