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Rear Suspension - Air Bag And Shocks - Separate or One?

My 07 TC had leaky cracked "air bags" and were replaced. However, it feels like the rear is still wobbly and a little uncontrolled.

QUESTION: Is the air bag and shock ONE UNIT, or two separate things? My repair bill says: "Rear Suspension Springs - Remove and Replace both: $166.00"

My understand was that was just the cracked rubber airbags, not the shocks. Are they separate items or one integrated item?

Brian J. Patterson

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Northern Illinois
Ok, I think I got it now. Thanks.

Any good way to determine if shocks are worn out?
One quick way, like for many years, is the "bounce" test. With the rear suspension aired up and level, bounce the rear end up and down by hand a few times. If it "bounces" more than once after you quit bouncing it, the shocks are bad and should be replaced.

From the sound of things, I'd replace them anyway. IIRC, while your car was low mileage, it was a desert car, and likely not driven over the smoothest of roads, plus being thirteen years old. Plus, you have ride issues that suggest bad shock absorbers.

Good luck.
I AM NOW SHOCKED! (At the price of new shocks)

My first quote to replace front and rear shocks and struts: $1,021.00 I damn near feinted at the counter.
My second quote was a little vague but "Oh, around $850, I think." (He didn't give me an exact figure.

I thought shocks were like $49 items. Apparently not for a Town Car. Labor rates these days are between $120 and $160/per hour. And to be even more bizarre, the L/F strut is different than the R/F strut! WTH?


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Winston Salem, NC
What year is your TC? Where on earth are you getting these ridiculous prices? Complete set of KYB Gas-A-Just for my 04 was $250. Installed all 4 in myself one Saturday afternoon. Someone is trying to take you for a ride. Shocks are as easy to change as brake pads. Struts are a little more involved but if you have the right tools you can do them yourself. .
I just got another quote from a shop I've used for years and very much trust. This one was for $1, 427.00.

Clearly,this must be a labor intensive job.


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Leander, TX C.K.U.
A couple of years ago I replaced all shocks/springs on my '03. From RockAuto I ordered Gabriel ReadyMount strut assemblies (front spring/shock assemblies), rear Gabriel Ultra shocks, and Moog rear coil springs. With shipping, $353. A 1-man shop in Colorado Springs that my sister goes to installed all for $200 when I went up for a visit.