Rattles from panoramic roof

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I bought a new 2020 Lincoln nautilus Reserve. My vehicle has been into the dealership 4 times so far for rattles that seem to come from the right rear passenger area. First they said the door was out of alignment and I was sent to their collision/ body shop. They aligned the passenger door but rattle still existed. They found issue with the sun roof and they said they realigned they glass and noise was gone. 10 minutes down the road the noise was back.They determined it was the panoramic sunroof and it was taken back a week later to resolve. Said they replaced a screw in the glass frame. They had the vehicle for over a week . Rattle still there. Went to original dealership where I purchased it and they had it for a week and said the engineers told them how to fix, Rattle is still there and now there is a noise coming from front
console besides. Due to the chip shortage, they are unable to provide a loaner to work on it again. I have never had a vehicle that made so much noise as a new car! For the amount of money it cost, a customer should not have to hear this ridiculous noise. Makes the noise even on a smooth road, it doesn’t take a rough road to hear it! I contacted the service manager to let them know I would be out of town for a week and it would be a good time to resolve the issue, but he never responded! So disappointed in this car and the service !