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random stalling on my 1997 TC

Looking for advice from members here who may have experienced my dilemma.
In December I had a major service done on my 97 TC. New plugs and wires, new fuel pump and fuel filter, new OEM crank sensor and cam sensor.
New air filter along with routine oil/filter change and transmission service. This was done at 114k miles. I also have new WALKER cats with 4 new Bosch O2 sensors.
The week of Thanksgiving, I experienced a "crank/no start" condition on my TC. I let the car sit in the driveway for 5/6 days and when I tried to start it again before I called for a tow, it started. I drove it to my mechanic shop. In 2018, I was having a similar issue with random stalling while driving and it ended up being a mass air flow sensor.
Once it was replaced, the stalling issue disappeared.
I just got my car back the week of Christmas. Since that time, I have been experiencing random stalling about four times now. The stalling is presenting when I am driving in the city, not on the highway. It has happened when approaching a stop sign, when turning, and sitting at a red light at idle. All four times the car was running at normal operating temp and I have NO Check Engine Light. I pop it in neutral and engage the starter and the car starts right back up, and runs normally.
I have great acceleration, smooth idle, and the car always starts when hot or cold without any issues. Any suggestions ?
I have not taken it back to my mechanic.
I spent just under two grand to have all the work done. I also had a brand new starter put in since mine was on its way out. I love this car but having a car that randomly stalls is a bit dangerous for steering and braking.