Radio doesn't work when its too cold

Kathy 2009 MKS

New member
I have a 2009 MKS. Love my car still, but every time it gets really really cold the radio doesn't work. I have to actually warm up the car, turn it off then turn it back on to get the radio to come back on.. Anyone else have this problem?


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I have never experienced this issue, but I'm wondering what exactly is going on.
What are the symptoms?
Is there static, or is the radio completely dead? Does the CD player work? How about Sirius, any display there?
I have both a 2014 & a 2015 MKS. I don't know how you turn on your radio, but on both of mine, you turn on the radio by touching a button on the FCIM (Front Control Interface Module). It is not a push button. It is part of the climate control panel and it senses that you want to turn on the radio by measuring capacitance. It actually senses that your finger is on the button. The one in my 2014 has gone bad. The "temperature up" does not work and in the summer, you cannot turn off either the climate control or the radio. They go off and then immediately come back on. Luckily that car was bought "Certified Used" and has warranty coverage for a little over a year left on it. How do you turn on your radio ??? Do you push a button, or turn a knob, or is your power button a capacitive sensor too ???

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