Radiator Cooling Fan, conversion to Electric ?

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I am considering of converting my noisy propeller of an clutch assisted Cooling fan to a electric version.
i live over seas, Europe, Norway and its not to hot here. We got 5 months of colder weather so the clutch assisted fan is cooling to much and are noisy, just like a vacuum cleaner my friends says :)

Is the two wheel drive Aviator a non mechanic fan ? Found this at Rock auto :

Anyone converted their radiator cooling system, ideas for this mod ?

Gonna bump this old thread as I too am looking to make this conversion.

My plan is to use a radiator and fan assembly from a Mach1. Being essentially the same engine as whats in my '04 Aviator, it should be able to keep the engine cool while removing some direct parasitic drag.

Has anyone done this? If so what are some pitfalls to avoid? Also, would I need a Mach1/Marauder harness to make this work or can it be done with what's under hood?
Normally the fan comes on and stays on with the air conditioner. There is also a sensor on the engine, and if the coolant passes a certain temperature, the fan comes on until the coolant goes below a certain threshold.
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