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Quick fuel line question on my 99 continental


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After getting it out of the garage this summer i noticed that when the front tire went flat someone put the jack directly under the fuel supply line and lifted the car. Needless to say the line is trashed, kinked off in 2 places.

So here is my question, I see surface rust on almost everything under this car EXCEPT the fuel lines, are they aluminum or stainless? I only ask this because every other car i have ever had eventually got some rust on the fuel lines, this however is pristine.

Why am i asking? I'm going to cut out the bad section flair and union in a new piece but if the material is going to fight with regular fuel line ill have to pick up something else.

Thanks in advance


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My bet would be the factory fuel line is steel tubing.
The lack of rusting could indicate that the fuel line has already been replaced.
I don’t recall ever seeing aluminum used for fuel or brake lines.
Put a magnet on it – if it sticks the tube is steel.
Otherwise it’s stainless (or aluminum).
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