Pressed 'Vehicle Handling' button car broke down

Kit Sullivan


Its cool to see a souped-up Mark, but the samshed-up body-work and the sheet-metal hoodscoop are not very \'Lincoln\'-like.



Yeah I remember hearing from him, about that lincoln he bought it cheap and was gonna do some work to it.



[quote name=\'re-Markable LSC\']PNY PWR? Isn\'t he a member?

Stiffen that chassis!

And it\'s LSC, not L-SC.[/QUOTE]
for him it is L-SC, \'cause that is a Bill Blass Mark VII not a LSC
L-SC = Lincoln Supercharged Coupe



Well, you could just ask.

Chris Speilvogal, KCMO, 1985 LSC

It is called the in Super Charged LSC

That was his first run after very little tuning.

I purchased the car from a freind for $175, sold it to him for $300

He slapped his beater SC\'ed mustang motor in it just for fun

His second track day he snapped the input shaft - after replacing it - he smoked the 2nd/3rd gear clutches. Pulled the tranny/motor and hualed it to the scrapper....these events took place in about a 6 week period. From gust to dust. The tranny was the original 85 AOD and held up even that long was astonishing.