Power Seats, Mirrors, Trunk release acting up


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I recently bought a 2007 Lincoln Town Car Designer with 93,000 miles on it. On the way home with it I noticed the power seats works sporadically. The power mirrors did not work while driving either. The car has been in my garage and I am fixing other things on it such as replacing the rotted airbags, installing a new stereo system, removing the interior to get the water out of it which is a very common problem with these Town Cars. Its all back together and looks great but I have played with this car enough to diagnose the following issue: When the key is out of the car and you sit in the driver's seat you can adjust the power seats, mirrors, and pop the power trunk button on the door. When you start the car (or just turn the key so you have electrical activated) you can't do the previous things. Also the fog lamps don't work ever. Is this a safety thing or can it be programmed back to normal?


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Fog lamps only work if the headlights or parking lights are on, I believe (on my '03 anyway). If you tried that, then check the fog lamp relay in the relay/fuse box under the hood.