Poor ride quality - how can it be improved?


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What do you all use to add weight?
Ie: gym weights? Sand bag? What?
I used our personal baggage and family gifts to achieve a full load as described above on April 1 that included what the rear seats folded flat but without obstructing any rearward visibility could accommodate. I would estimate that it was 350-400 pounds plus an overweight driver and a passenger whose weight I shall not categorize. It produced a pretty good ride. The gifts are gone now and the ride is still pretty good. You might follow the suggestion above that 100-150 lb. would be a good starting point but “season to taste.” Whatever weights you use I would think centered but as forward as you can get it. However, even with a full load in my case above, the car did not feel “tail-heavy.”


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How many miles on the shocks and struts? Also are the rims bent?
Tires could be a possibility just switched to the Michelin pilot super sport 4s and wow what a difference in ride quality!!