Poor quality control


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I ordered a 18 Navigator in January of last year. Finally got it in May with 3 dents in drivers door. Passenger front fender sticking out at the bottom 3/4”. So they tried to fix fender but chipped the paint. Had to repaint fender and clear coat it. I was furious about redoing factory paint. But I let them do it.
Now the rear pillars on both sides are cracked. They are having to strip interior and cut out both rear windows to get to the rivets. Again messing with a factory seal. To say the least I’m pissed!! When they do get it fixed I’ll bet money they crack again. I haven’t even had my first oil change. And I’m ready to get rid of it! Never had any problems with my other vehicles of different brands. Bought the most expensive vehicle I’ve ever purchased and you get this kind of quality?????


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Ford and Lincoln have been plagued with issues time to time, especially on a new model for the first couple of years. When you buy a first year of any new product, you do end up with problems more than the following years. You definitely are having a lot more to deal with than others. You could have bought a Landcruiser for the same money and not had a lot of issues (the new ones are not issue-free), but you would still be left with features that would be available on a 2011 Ford/Lincoln product.

Tesla is still trying to figure out their Model s quality issues! Remember, the Explorer and F150 are plagued with issues but they are the highest selling, Ford tries to make up the shitty quality at times with feature packed and power packed vehicles.