opinions on rotors and pads that you have upgraded to


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Hey everyone,

I just bought a used 2003 Aviator. After a few minor fixes she's running pretty well. I am wanting to put new rotors and pads all the way around. I've been told that when rotors are really shiny it indicates a level of worn down and ineffective performance for grab. though I Tend to think that they could be turned, I'm not sure. However, I'm assuming there are many people on here with Navigators, Aviators, Blackwoods, Lt's that could make their experiences known with Power Stop, Power Slot, Centric, EBC.

I had a 2008 fusion that I bought used in 2009 and without putting new rotors on went with an EBC set of Greenstuff pads and man were they amazing. I am leaning in that direction of EBC because of the previous amazing experience and they look amazing. Moreover, the Power stop extreme rotors are around the order of 129 and the EBC rotors are about 150. So, without much of a price difference I am wondering what people on here have put on their Lincoln trucks and what experiences they've had with them.

The front currently needs new rotors and the rears need new pads. However, I will slowly get all the parts (4 rotors and 4 sets of pads) and do the whole job at the same time. I suppose I have the time to do it that way because the front pads still have a lot of meat on them--to be honest --they look new but they feel like garbage.

I dont do any track but I love to break extremely aggressively although I don't do it all the time. I really enjoy the solid brake feel instead of spongy and no feedback.

these are the links.




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