No sound at all from radio (Amp, fuse are good)

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1993 TC standard audio package

Hey all, one of the few little issues I took on when I purchased my Town Car was a "blown amp" issue where there was no sound from the radio. However, buying a verified and tested OEM replacement amp, there is still no audio. The amp fuse is fine, I checked that to be sure. The speakers are also wired in but I assume it is possible that all of them are bad (unlikely). One curious thing to note, it will not settle on a station when set to scan, which makes me think it is not receiving any signal from the antenna. However, there's no static or anything at all when the radio is on and the antenna is up. The radio powers up and all functions work, so I'm not sure if there's some internal issue.
I inserted a tape into it to see if it would play audio, but it will not read the tape and ejects it with Error 2.

Any help on chasing this down would be appreciated.