Newstalgia Vinyl Top?

Just to check and make sure I'm buying good stuff... I'm only able to find a new top for my 88 TC from Newstalgia Parts. I trust they make as good a top as anyone? If so, I'm gonna go ahead and buy theirs. It's time I did so. Has anyone replaced their own top on these 88 TCs? I'd like to do it myself.
I had a Top put on a Lincoln I had a few years ago at a place in Albany NY,45 miles from me, and they did a great job. Cost me about 1200-1500 installed. That was with removal of the old one too. The place specializes in Tops, tinted windows, re-doing leather seats etc. I would look for such a place near you. Let the experts handle it. AMERICAN AUTO AND PLATE GLASS IS IT'S NAME if you want to look and get an idea of what type of place you're looking for. American Auto and Plate Glass