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Newbe needs advice


Junior Member
First of all, let me say hello to everyone. (HELLO!)
I recently inherited a beautiful 19 Versailles and I want to finish where my father left off. I have most items finished but I need some parts and can't seem to locate them. If someone can lead me in the right direction, I would be greatly thankful.

I fixed the rear window regulators and now they work perfectly, what I need to finish the job is door and window seals. Where can I purchase them?

Other items I need to do to make this vehicle perfect are:
Radio only plays on the right channel, if I push real hard on the volume, the left comes on but not the rear
Cruise only works when the lights are off or the interior lights are turned all the way down. Cruise picks up speed on its own
Park brake is locked up
Something under the dash clicks when the heater is on