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New owner. Picking up a '14 3.5 w/ Elite, Tech and Pano today.

Hello, everyone. I'm picking it up today. It has 79k miles on it, and appears to be near pristine. It's almost 200 miles away, and the selling dealer has been very helpful. They've provided additional photos, and checked for different things I inquired about. It only has one key fob, and my local dealer quoted $255 for a new one w/ programming. Does this seem about average?

It appears to have almost every option: Elite, Tech, pano roof and center buckets. It does not have the rear center console, so I may look at options to add something so there's an armrest. Seems kinda odd there isn't at least some fold down armrests for those seats.

It should be a good trip to see how it does, and see what the fuel economy is like. I'm coming from a Volvo XC90 V8, which does pretty well for the weight and power. I usually average 16-17 in general driving, and 23-24 highway.

I'll post some pictures soon.
Here are two pics I snapped before the temp tags were put on before leaving the dealer.

Some minor issues I spotted on initial inspection that aren't bad, but I'd like to take care of at least a couple of the issues...

A couple small dents on the front top edge of the hood. My guess is someone palmed it trying to get the hood to latch, as it takes some force to get it closed.

Tiny door ding on the driver's side.

Some small chips in the paint along the top of the bumper, as if something loaded/unloaded marked it up.

The rear cover of the driver's seat wasn't attached. Upon further inspection, it appears the small black push clip on the bottom left may be broken, keeping it from securing tightly to the back of the seat. I got it back on, and it stayed in place during the 200 miles drive home. I'm sure they're probably only a couple dollars at the dealer. I'll try to get there Monday to see about getting one.

There are some bleach spots in the cargo area, and a small spot between the 2nd row seats. I'll have to see about getting some carpet dye to spray on them.

My mom said the 3rd brake light randomly has a couple bulbs near the center that don't light up.

Moisture in the light strip across the tailgate.

It runs, drives and rides beautifully. The adaptive cruise was probably the most impressive feature on the drive home.

While I like the lane keep assist, I found it gets confused when it's raining, as it thinks the tracks on the road from traffic in the rain are lane lines. I know now to turn it off when it's raining.

So far, this is a very impressive vehicle, and my mom is now jealous. That's her MKX beside my MKT in the pics. She's now talking about trying to find an MKT in a couple years to trade hers in.

IMG_4859.JPG IMG_4860.JPG
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Hi RedGemini. Welcome and congratulations on your new MKT! Looks good and good luck with it!

Concerning the second keyfob: It is relatively standard procedure that any vehicle should have two keys for security purposes, so the selling Dealer should provide you two keys. While it is something you should have insisted on before purchasing, you can address it with them when you bring your other concerns to their attention. And the $255 price quote from your local Dealer sounds a bit high.

Once again, congratulations and good luck.
Signed, sealed and drove it 200 miles home yesterday. I won't be taking it to that dealer for anything, as it's way too far away. There's no point in bringing anything to their attention.

I bough it from a small used car dealer. They had already dropped the price to the point that they couldn't include anything else in the deal.

I'll check another Ford dealer in my area to see if I can get a better price on the key fob.


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Hi ReGemini. Oh, okay. Thinking you purchased from a Ford or Lincoln Dealer, when you said you'd "like to take care of at least a couple of the issues", I thought you meant you were going to have the selling Dealer take care of them. Now I understand.

Keep us updated and good luck.
Has anyone removed the LID on the hatch to tackle the condensation issue? I want to get that taken care of before it shorts out anything. Also, I have to tackle the 3rd brake light, as there are 2 bulbs that are intermittent, probably due to moisture issues.
Hello.. My old 2010 had moisture issues and one of the running light strips on the passenger side did not work. Dealer said the entire unit would have to be replaced!! Not cheap around $400 for a used one. My son-in-law is still driving the car and has had no further issues.
One thing he did mention is that the underside engine cover had to be replaced. It corroded likely due to the salt on the roads in winter.
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