New Lincoln BEVs Coming in 2025

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According to Automotive News, there are 3 new Lincoln BEVs coming in 2025. This will be in addition to the PHEV Aviator and Corsair.

Lincoln Corsair-E: Brand executives plan to add a battery-electric variant of the Corsair crossover, which forecasting firm AutoForecast Solutions has said will be called the Corsair-E, in 2025. It's scheduled to be built at Ford's Oakville Assembly Plant in Canada.

Lincoln electric small crossover: Lincoln will launch another C-segment EV, currently known by the program code CX802, in 2025 from Oakville Assembly. It's unclear whether the vehicle, expected to be sold in multiple global markets, will be a new nameplate or a variation of the Corsair EV.

Lincoln electric midsize crossover: Lincoln plans to replace the Nautilus with an electric midsize crossover, currently referred to as CDX818, but it's unclear whether it will carry the same name. The EV is scheduled to debut in 2025 and come from Oakville Assembly.