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New 2007-2008 Navigator Front Carhartt Seat Covers

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Dec 11, 2021
These are brand new seat covers. I have had them out of the box when I thought I could use them, but the previous owner put DVD players in the headrests and there was no way to disconnect the wiring to install the covers.


Part #: SSC2377CABN .... Asking $110, shipping looks like it's going to cost $15-20. If I get $110, I will pay the shipping.

Box Dim: 16 x 12 x 6 and wgt 4 lbs.

This includes only the two front seat covers and their headrests. The link to Amazon shows front, back, console and headrests, but I'll bet you it's just the front for their price of $179.12. Covercraft charges $282.99 for the front only.

These are machine washable, so easy cleanup. If you are wanting something plush, then these are probably NOT for you, the material reminds me of canvas, so the material should wear well.

Questions ???