Need help with swapping motor and transmission in a 01 Lincoln continental

2/2001 percent

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I bought two black 2001 Lincoln continental’s, one was wrecked bad rocker panel damage along with pilar and door but the car only had 80,000 miles and everything else is in excellent condition. The second one has 199,468 miles and overheats, needs ball joints and I’m assuming tie rods as well a/c compressor, tuneup plugs and coils air filter and a deep cleaning. So obviously I wanna take the good stuff off the wrecked one and put it in the good body. Does anyone have any service manuals or videos. Because so far I’ve been unbolting everything and sitting it aside, but would really appreciate some guidance or direction of what I should be doing and looking out for. I’m swapping pretty much everything down to the backseat.